The 11th edition of the Gran Fondo Alassio is open to all ACSI and F.C.I. members and Sports Promotion Bodies that have signed the convention for the year 2024.

Each participant must be in possession of medical fitness for competitive cycling; participants of foreign residence must be in possession of a certificate of fitness drawn up according to model E:

regolamento Model E - Health Certificate.

For each participant, of both Italian and foreign residence, the certificate of suitability for participation must have an expiry date no earlier than the race day.

Italian subjects who are not in possession of any licence will have to apply for the daily card.
Foreign subjects who do not have the UCI licence, with the enrolment to the race, self-certify that they are in possession of R.C.'s and accident's insurance, thus making the request of the daily card not compulsory.
The event is open to all, but the Organizing Committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether or not to accept the registration or exclude a member from the event in case it may damage the image of the event itself. 
All participants must be aware of the various risks for their physical safety and consciously take responsibility for participating in the race at their own risk.
In all circumstances cyclists must pay maximum attention to the road conditions, also taking into account that the route is not closed to traffic for the entire duration of the event.
The event will apply the implementing rules 2024 for national amateur cycling and cyclotourism.
Recalling the UCI and FCI Regulations, paragraph 1.3.010 and 12.1.013 bis technological fraud, the competition jury, with the technical support of the organisation, is authorised to carry out random or systematic checks.
Non-compliance or refusal to undergo the required technical checks will result in immediate disqualification and reporting to the competent bodies.


JUNIOR 18-29
SENIOR 1 30-34
SENIOR 2 35-39
VETERANS 1 40-44
VETERANS 2 45-49
LADIES 1 19-39
LADIES 2 40-49
LADIES 3 over 50


The 2024 edition's SHORT path will also be open to all E-Bike types that comply with legal regulations (E-ROAD / MTB). It will be absolutely forbidden to modify its conformity. Anyone who does it will incur the penalties as laid down in the race regulations.
The event will be NON-competitive. When enrolling, it will be sufficient to present a NON-agonistic medical certificate.
Everyone will be equipped with a bib in a different colour from those of the Granfondo and a chip for a simple matter of traceability. No rankings will be drawn up but a simple list in alphabetical order with the time of travel.
The departure will take place inside the grids prepared for the Granfondo.

For what is not specified above, the regulation of the Granfondo applies.


The race will take place regardless of the weather conditions, except in special circumstances that put at serious risk the safety of competitors or in case of natural disasters (and in any case for reasons not attributable to the organization).
In this case, the participation fee will be neither refunded nor recognized for the following year.


If an enrolled member is unable to participate, the registration fee will not be refunded.  Upon notification by the strict deadline of 8 p.m. on the Saturday of the week before the race, the registration will be valid for the following edition.
After this deadline it will no longer be possible, for any reason, to request the transfer.
However, this will not be possible for cumulative participants to the various circuits. The registration can be transferred for one year only and is exclusively nominative.
It will be possible also on the spot the substitution of a competitor upon payment of the fee of € 10 as secretarial expenses.


1° Grid: Merit - Guests - First 5 ranked in the previous edition per path
2° Grid: Circuits' participants + singles for the month November/December - Women
3° Grid: Circuits' participants + singles for the month of January
4° Grid: Single participants according to the date of registration

WARNING: it will not be possible to start in front of the mats. Those who do not have the detection devices on the starting mats and on the route will be excluded from the rankings.


ONE CHIP: Great news in the amateur cycling world!

It is now possible to take part in Italian events timed by MySDAM, Krono Service, TDS and Winning Time timers with a single chip!

So it will no longer be a problem to choose which type of chip to bring with you, but with just one you can compete throughout the season.

For Krono Service (red chip) and Winning Time (yellow chip and Nove Colli edition) chip holders, just choose one, enable it, and use it at will on the races in Italy timed by the aforementioned timers.

The activation and purchase of the chips online must be carried out only and exclusively on ENDU, while during the races it will be possible to do so at the "Punto Chip" located near the race secretariats.

All owners of the MySDAM chip and who do not have a chip among those listed above can replace their old chip with the OneChip by taking it to the Punto Chip and paying only for the activation.

Further information is available at the following link:


It provides for the use of ambulances with doctors and nurses.


Mobile assistance includes the use of cars and motorbikes for wheel changes.
Spare parts will be charged to the assisted participant.
There will be a "broom service" for the recovery of cyclists and bicycles.
Private cars and motorbikes in tow are strictly forbidden.
Otherwise, the entire team will be disqualified.


Refreshment points are provided along the route as indicated in the race programme.


The riders who will be overtaken by the "end of the race" car will have the obligation to respect the Highway Code. 


For those who are not in possession of an annual ACSI, FCI or CONI recognised bodies' card, it is possible to subscribe a daily card at a cost of € 10.
The card must be requested on the spot when enrolling, at the registration secretary, or when collecting the race package and it regularizes the athlete's position from an insurance point of view.


Disqualifications: the participation with the bib of another rider, the transfer of the bib to others, starting in a grid prior to that assigned or any other serious fact that will be detected by the organization will cause the exclusion from the standings and disqualification from the event from two to five years.
We appeal to the civic sense of the participants not to throw rubbish along the streets, and to put it instead in the appropriate containers at the refreshment points.
In case of positive results in the doping test and/or in the mechanical check in the event in question, the participant must pay the Organising Committee the sum of € 30,000 (thirty thousand) as compensation for the damage caused to the event's image.


By sending the entry form, the competitor declares:
to have a medical certificate according to the Ministerial Decree of 18/02/82, under penalty of disqualification of the athlete; the organization does not assume any responsibility in case of any illness or accident of the athlete
to have a regular membership card, enrolled in the Italian Cycling Federation or the Council Body
to have a third party liability insurance policy
to have consulted these regulations.
The participant gives his consent to the use of his images and data, according to the Privacy law n. 675 of 31/12/1996.

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